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Water supply is an often neglected by home buyers as well as many real estate brokers. Many times people don't have a complete comprehension of all the components that come into play when it comes to the home's water supply and also the importance of knowing things such as ; what is principal water supply system of the property, what type of well, the year of construction, is there any existence of past problems. Has a quality test ever been done on the water supply as well as outflow quantity.

Water quality is most certainly a main preoccupation when it comes to buying a home, but also knowing how you're getting your water supply and how your system works is as important. You also need to know about the output flow, because for a family of 3 for example you will need at least an output flow of 120 gallons per hour.

What is the difference between the main water supply systems, the types of wells, how they work and how to upkeep and clean them. Many important questions that will be answered here on my site, having received a training course given by my real estate board, I can guide you.

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