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“M. St-Jean,
We would like to thank you for your precious advice, your professionalism and your expertise have not only helped us in buying our new home, but also in selling our old one. During the process of visiting homes on the market we noticed your integrity, your comments were always constructive and realistic, the showings respected everyone including the seller.
Also, your great availability and your engagement has permitted us to find the home that perfectly answered all of our needs. We will not hesitate to recommend you, a thousand thank you's, and keep up your excellent work!” 
-Johanne et Michel

"André, thank you for all your help and understanding in selling my house."

“We are very satisfied of the services rendered by M. St-Jean. His courteous and professional services reached the height of our expectations. He was always there and available to answer all of our questions and our preoccupations, Thank you very much!”  
-Jessica et Michel

"Good day, we are taking the time to thank you and wish to extend our gratitude. A thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience, you fidelity and the respect that you showed us, we really appreciated. During that time, the paperwork and your implication was always there. Photos, internet, explanations, phone calls never cessed. Thank you for your complete commitment till the very end. We wish you lots of success in the near future".
-Sincerely, Richard & Diane.

“Dear mister Andre,
We have nothing but praise for you.
First of all, we were looking for a home away from the city, with a big wooded lot. We found what we wanted and at the same time we found you. You are forthright, your loyalty, your availability, the answers and the advice that you had for us, have unquestionably contributed in us choosing you as our agent for selling our home.
With a simple phone call, we would immediately obtain satisfaction because there was never any ambiguity, everything was always very clear. Because of your advice, we were able to sell our home in only two and a half months; now that's service!
And finally, a sincere thank you for everything, we feel happy and fulfilled that we have done these two transactions with you as our real estate agent. We will never miss an opportunity to recommend you to our friends and family.
Please receive Mister Andre, our most amicable greetings".
-Carole and Sylvain

“André…like many others I put my home for sale on For months I had many, many visitors but no promise's to purchase. I realised that most of these people are people who like to go around and visit homes “tire kickers” and people who are looking for “deals”. After as much as 25 visits I got tired of it and that is why I contacted you.
I was tired of answering all of their many questions and wasting my weekends for nothing. Plus that fact that I never knew who I was dealing with and letting into my home.
In no time at all you found me a serious buyer, and the sale of our home was so very smoothly…thanks!”
-Patrick Martel

"André, a big thank you for this magnificent find that is now our home. We are permitting ourselves to underline what a remarkable agent you are, with your friendliness, always smiling, never any sign of impatience, very attentive to the requests of your clients, in short you have not abandoned us in our research even during the cold winter months. We will recommend you to our relatives and friends".
-Thanks! Ninon and Mario.

"André, we would like to thank you for your immense availability and the advice that you gave us towards the purchase of our first home. We are very happy of our choice and we appreciate everything that you have done for us during all of the process".
-Éric et Josée

"Dear André, just a few words to say a big thank you. The purchase of our new home was very important, because of you and your professional advice we loved our experience. Because of the distance between us, the phone was very useful, always with overflowing kindness and generosity you answered all of my questions and requests, I greatly appreciated.
Don't stop doing your good work, we are very satisfied to have done business with you and your smile (ha ha)! With pleasure, hope to see you soon".
-Louise & Hugo, thanks again!!

“Me and my partner are very proud of having done business with André St-Jean. We received an impeccable service, very flexible availability and our dream house, what more can we ask for! Our purchase was done rapidly and smoothly. We are extremely proud of our approach towards our purchase and we recommend him to anyone who desires to buy or sell a home, André St-Jean is and will always be our number 1 choice.”
-Lise and Yves -XXX-

"André, we thank you four your availability, your sound advice and your patience in the selling of our home. We will easily recommend you to our friends and family for the selling of a home without any inconvenience.
André, thank you for a job well done".
-Lucie and Richard

"Dear André, we would like to extend a warm thank you for accompanying us during this great adventure. We have particularly appreciated your professionalism, your attentiveness, your patience, your constant availability and your comprehension when difficult decisions were to be made. Real estate is a domain that was unknown to us, but luckily, we quickly realized that we could have confidence in you 100%. Your honesty, the respect that you showed us and your devotion during our quest makes you an OUT OF THE ORDINAIRY real estate agent!
And we will recommend you to all our friends with pleasure and confidence".
-Again, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING ANDRÉ!!! Caroline & Pierre

"It's without hesitation that I refer André's work for anyone that is looking to buy or sell a home.
When we decided to start looking for a house or condo, we contacted André whom was recommended to us by a member of our family. He knew how to define our needs and quickly found the home that matched what we needed and was within our budget. In fact, the perfect condo for us was the first one that we visited!! Furthermore, André is the type of person who is devoted and that will be present for his customers from beginning to end of the purchasing process. He is also the type of agent that will not hesitate to work out of his normal territory as well as give good advice in order to find a home wherever his clients desire.
If you work with him, you will not be disapointed, as for us, we already know that he will be our agent whenever we decide to change homes."
-Thank you very much André. Dave Bérubé

“Under going a job transfer to Mirabel time was very limited to find a home for me and my two boys. Having a week to work with, André took care of us and without narrowing our options he laid down a plan, got right to work and found us a home in the respected time frame. André took the time to show us around and help us with our various needs. André proved excellent workmanship, he is honest, straight forward and best of all he kept his promise. Me and my boys give him 110% positive evaluation in all areas.”
-Thanks André. Paul, Jean-François and Nicolas.

“We were searching for a farm for well over a year. Mister St-Jean, armed with remarkable patience, guided us with his advice so that we could find our Garden of Eden. We very much appreciated his professionnalism and his availability, even on holidays!”
Lucie and Marc

"The service is remarkable and professional. Very attentive to the buyers needs without any pressure to buy. Also very good advice not only during but also for the complete buying process. Very good availability for the client!!"
-Stéphanie Charest

"M. St-jean we would like to tell you that we are very happy to have done business with you for the sale of our home. As clients we were anxious to sell our home and you took care of us with patience and comprehension. Next you were implicated in searching for our new home, as always with as much professionalism. We have enormously appreciated to have known you."
-Thanks for everything, sincerely, Noël and Gisèle.

"We had tried unsuccessfully to sell our duplex for many months. So we called upon the services of André St-Jean. After only one month and a half the duplex was sold! His competences, his honesty and availability meant that the transaction was fast and without problems."
-Thank you very much André, Yanik and Martine.

“We were searching for a home. We contacted André and we can confirm that the service we received was excellent. We have found the home of our dreams. We thank him for his patience and his dedication. We recommend him to everyone who wants to buy or sell a home. Thanks again!”
-Linda and Sylvain.

“After a call made to Mister Andre St-Jean, an agreement to sell my duplex in Lachute was made. In no time at all a sign was erected and two weeks later my property was sold!
Bravo to Andre who did a remarkable job and used impeccable professionalism in his duties. Without any hesitations I recommend him to anyone who wants to buy or sell a property.”
-Maryse Gauthier