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Probably the MOST important reason to have me as YOUR real estate broker is knowing that I have the necessary experience to adequately evaluate the market in which your home is situated and have it priced right, so…
 Market Knowledge
Having the RIGHT MARKET VALUE is the KEY! Because if the asking price is to high it will send your potential customers wandering away and they will disappear by buying another home instead of yours.
To low a price…well, you'll LOSE money!
With more than 11 years of experience, I have the necessary tools to do the job right the FIRST TIME!
My service is KEY IN HAND!
I will make sure that the buyers who visit your home are serious people and not just curious people…your time is precious so let's not waste it!
Great negotiating skills are s a MUST! Price as well as conditions make or break a deal, so my experience will help get the BEST DEAL for you! Because having to face tough buyers who want to pay the minimum for your property is not an easy thing. I will see to protect YOUR INTERESTS.
To be knowledgable of the laws and regulations will most certainly avoid you any possible troubles. I will see to protect YOUR INTERESTS.
In many cases, simply having a classified ad in the local newspaper or on the internet and adding a sign on your lawn is not enough to sell your property. These days to sell a property, things have to be done differently…
In fact to sell a property like yours, different approaches are needed…breaking away from the pack…means not doing what most other real estate brokers are doing, because doing what the others are doing is simply not my thing!
I use modern and efficient marketing tools such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Realtors Centiva as well as my personal website. But, the ultimate marketing tool remains without a doubt the ReMax website, the most visible real estate website currently on the market!
YOU are unique and so is your property…so YOU will be treated as such!
You can count on me to take care of you like you deserve and the selling of your property will be UNCOMPLICATED, FAST & EASY!