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1-What is home staging?
Home staging consists of making small changes to your home to make it irresistable to potential buyers and sell it quickly for top dollar.

Potential buyers need to feel comfortable when they visit your home. Thus, it is important to put away personal items. Do a thorough "de-cluttering" and take out furniture that is to large so potential buyers can see the space and potential of each area.

3-Place furniture carefully
The size of furniture must be in proportion to the room it occupies, and it should be placed so there is room to circulate freely. You can buy, rent, or simply borrow furniture from friends if you don't have something that is the right size for the space in your home.

4-Harmonize the décor, accessories, and atmosphere
The furnishings in the room should be up-to-date and coordinated with one another. In order to create a harmonious look, simply add a few accessories that you have bought, rented, or borrowed from friends. The right accessories create a warm atmosphere, e.g., candlesand vases with a few springs of flowers.

5-Create color and light
A little paint can do wonders for your home. Choose fresh, neutral colors. Avoid dark colors and make the rooms as bright as possible. Lighting is also key-open drapes and turn lights on. You can't have too much light!

6-Clean up and get rid of odors
Cleanliness is undeniably a key factor in selling a home. Hire a professional to clean your home from top to bottom. Eliminate any unpleasant pet or food odors. Bake some cookies to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.