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There are 3 types of wells, such as, the surface or dug well, the drilled well sealed or ordinary (artesian), the driven well. There is also the source capting method that we will not discuss here, because of its rarity.  

Sealed or ordinary DRILLED wells (artesien)
Sealed or ordinary DRILLED wells (artesien)

This well is obtained by drilling a layer of water resistant land to get to the underground water supply.

The well is generally fabricated using a 6 inch inner diameter aspiration pipe that is protected by a tube to get maximum watertightness. In some cases you will not find protective tubing if the well was drilled through rock. A metal or plastic tubing is used for the part that is above rock or in softer soil. This well can be as deep as 1000 feet.

— Definition of artesien well (The capture of pressurized underground water that is caught between 2 layers of water resistant earth).

— Definition of drilled well (The well is performed par drilling either by cable tool (percussion) or rotary-drilling machines, the inner walls are made of pipes).

The SURFACE or DUG well
The SURFACE or DUG well
This well is a reservoir or a body of work that is designed to capture water. It needs to be at least 18 inches wide to capture water from the upper layers of the ground. Its depth is almost never deeper than 20 feet. It is constructed using some concrete rings that are stacked one on top of each other and is also covered. Streaming water infiltrates from the bottom. The joints of the stacked concrete rings must also be sealed. Older surface or dug wells may have used others materials such as brick or large gravel or rocks of other types.

The DRIVEN well
The DRIVEN well

This well uses pipes of various lengths, the end is like a point that is inserted in sandy ground in order to get to the water table. This well is generally used when the water table is not too deep. Its installation costs are much lower than the other types of wells. The pump is installed in the home or close by. Possible problems are, water quality and quantity.


For drilled, surface or dug and driven wells, water can be obtained by using a pump situated;  

—at the bottom of the well using a submersible pump.

—in a building or a home using a suction pump.